The lights dimmed. The technician’s computer flashed a picture as the outside probe sent and received the sound waves from the inside of my mother’s heart

At times I could see colors that showed the blood flowing through the valves, and I could even hear some sounds.

I sat amazed. Amazed that our Omnipotent God would allow me to see something He created with such complexity, that had worked without stopping for 99 years.

He also gave someone the knowledge to build the probe. It all seemed mind boggling to me.

I wonder what my husband’s heart looked like after he had a massive heart attack before he died?

Our spiritual heart is mentioned in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

If the Lord put a probe on my spiritual heart, I wonder what it would show me? How much damage needs repairing? Where does He want me to serve Him, how and when? I hope I listen and obey His voice in my everyday life as a widow.

How about you, dear widowed friend? What would a probe show about your spiritual life? Are you satisfied with your heart’s relationship to the Lord? Or are you a bit uneasy thinking that you need to make some things right, so you can have perfect peace with Him?

Of course, He knows our heart without a probe, and He loves us even when we ignore Him.

May He give us a healthy physical heart, and may we give Him a healthy spiritual one.