At birth, my parents named me Joyce Dobbs. When I married, my last name changed to Webster to match my husband’s. When he died, I instantly received a new title—widow. I didn’t choose it, didn’t want it, but couldn’t refuse it. However, it sounded acidic.

At first, I hated admitting that the title applied to me. But a lot of paper work required checking the box that said  widow.

After several years, I have accepted it and even sought out other women who bear the same distasteful title.  However, I am looking forward to another new name. (No, I don’t have wedding plans!) Revelation 2:17 tells us, in heaven we shall receive a white stone with our new name written in it.

In Bible days, the white stone signified a positive vote. A person tossed a white stone into a clay vessel for the candidate of their choice.

Picking out a name is important. If you have children, do you remember the time you spent choosing the right name? It’s amazing, but as our children grew, the names we chose seemed to fit.

Names were especially important in Bible days. When John the Baptist was born, Elizabeth’s cousins and neighbors called him Zacharias, after his dad. But, his parents corrected them and said, his name is John. Why? Because Zacharias remembered the special message sent from God by the angel Gabriel—call him John.

What a wonderful time we shall have in heaven when the name widow is wiped away forever, and we enjoy our new name in the white stone—signifying we are chosen.