As a couple of widowed friends drove into my driveway, I glanced into the mirror and realized it was too late to undo my neglect. I hadn’t prepared myself for the day as I should have—I looked terrible!

Although I had dressed, had my devotions, and thawed the desert I wanted to serve, I had been so busy getting my deceased mom’s clothes together so they could choose what they wanted to take home with them, I had neglected to fix my hair or make up.

When my guests looked at me, they must have thought I felt as bad as I looked, which wasn’t the case. However, as they left, one suggested perhaps I could take a nap. I agreed and later did.

The Bible tells me in 1 Samuel 16:7b that the LORD doesn’t see men  as we do; we look on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on our heart.”

I am thankful He knows my heart language because my appearance that day didn’t match my good intentions.

However, when my every day appearance needs improvement, it would be a good idea for me to listen and act upon the tips I’m given whether I agree or not, or think they are useful. A refreshing look can lift my spirits.

My take way from this experience is even if my grief is fresh, to be better prepared to welcome my friends. I can have a happy heart and make my appearance match. I want to point the way to the Lord in a positive way.

Spending time with my Savior can give me an inner glow that will show on the outside. I don’t want to be a poor example, but a good one both spiritually and physically.