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Joyce loves/likes to:

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  • Meet with the widows in her area for lunch each month and during nice weather they enjoy excursions together- some out of town, and some in her area.
  • Help missionaries with projects, particularly widows in Malawi, Africa where they are looked down upon by their culture and even considered “Witches” because they are old. Many are starving to death because no one wants to help them.
  • Cheer widows on- especially those who need to move forward in their grief journey.
  • Coordinate the grief outreach ministry at the church she attends.
  • Study the Bible
  • Write and record her devotionals
  • Care for her aging mother
  • Entertain guests in her home
  • Travel but not airport waits
  • Enjoys good Chocolates (although it doesn’t like her as much as she likes it!)
  • Attend family reunions and have family come and visit
  • Play the piano
  • Substitute teach at the ladies Bible study at the church she attends
  • Moderate gardening and beautiful flowers, but she hates weeds!
  • Listening to Christmas music and she enjoys twinkly lights, candles and carolers 

Joyce has lived in the United States, Canada and Tokyo, Japan. She has visited several of our States, and some foreign countries including Mexico, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and the Philippine Islands.

Here’s a peek at some true and unique facts about Joyce that you will only find here on her website.

  • She organized a play in grade school during recess. Their stage? Piled lumber. (Of course that would never be allowed today due to the “Danger” it would provide.)
  • While she held the title Youth Pastor’s wife, she chased and caught a piglet to win the Greased Pig Contest at a Youth Conference. (How envious the other pastor’s wives must have been.Yeah, right!)
  • The first article she submitted for publication was written while she sat in her pajamas in her front room in Japan during the beginning of her writing course. The short article was accepted as she had written it, and she was totally shocked and elated.
  • The Coast Guard rescued her family of three plus others when they were stranded in a boat over night in below zero weather on the third deepest lake in the United States, Lake Chelan, Washington. She later sold that experience entitled Stranded to a Christian adult take home paper.
  • A Jew gifted her with a small Olive branch at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
  • A God-moment occurred in an airport when Joyce was invited to join a prayer circle with complete strangers who prayed for a woman in that group to be healed of cancer.
  • Imagine her surprise at the first writer’s conference she attended to be invited to sit with other guests from foreign countries, and have lunch with Jerry B. Jenkins, his wife, and the conference speaker. (She lived in Japan at the time.)
  • At that same conference, a woman Joyce had talked to only once earlier that day, walked up and gave her an envelope with a hundred dollar bill in it. She said the Lord told her to do it.

And now you too know some unusual happenings that Joyce has participated in, or that have happened to her.

Blessings to each of you!

Click here for her bio and the “Official Stuff.

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