It started as a dream and ended in a lesson.

       A boy came to me and said, “May I come into your class because a new person is going to teach mine, and I don’t know him.”

       I woke myself up answering him out loud and philosophizing. I said:

        “Why don’t you sit upfront in your class and focus on the speaker? Others will see you listening intently and start to do the same. You will be blessed, and so will they.”

       Now, the lesson:

       While I am in the grieving process, I should sit in a church where I won’t be distracted. If there is a lot of movement in front of me, I might miss something that would apply to an important situation in my life.

       I love to take part in special music by nodding my head, tapping my foot or swinging my leg. But when the sermon begins, I listen intentionally, focused on the speaker so that even when I am foggy-brained, something good seeps through. Taking notes or repeating the main points to myself helps me to totally understand the concepts being taught. If a question pops into my head, I should jot it down and ask the speaker to clarify it later.

       Other widows may see my example and make a choice-listen attentively, daydream, or simply make out a grocery list.

       So, if I am looking up and listening, nodding my head, or following along as someone reads aloud, I hope those around me will allow the message or the music to bless them.  I echo Psalm 84:10. “I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

       I hope my dream and lesson helped you in some tiny way.