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About Joyce Webster

Joyce Webster loves to help widows move forward and transition from sadness to joy. She also encourages widows to grow beyond their self-focus and reach out and help others. She likes to share practical tips rather than philosophy, and helps missionaries with their projects.

Have a Heart

“Ah, have a heart!” I’m sure you’ve heard that cliché. In Job 29:13, Job claimed he, “Caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy.” I thought about that claim and wondered what he did to be able to make such a statement. Did he: Forgive a widow a debt? Take her or her child to […]


Blessing Others

A true story is told of a retired nurse who became a tour guide. She used her descriptive word pictures to show the blind the city where she lived. As a widow, I love the word pictures the Lord uses to show us the beauty of heaven in Revelation 21. The city is lit with […]


Time Wasters

  Unsolicited, nonessential interruptions waste my time. I received an email that said, “Update on your requested change in service results in your bill being…” Although I had gone on their website the day before and made a small modification to my service, I didn’t see charges listed for doing it. So, at seven a.m. […]


In Order

Some days, things don’t go right for me. For instance, the hardback book I ordered for a gift arrived with the cover damaged. Because of the time frame, I had no choice but to give it anyway. An App I downloaded didn’t work. Another day I tried three times to back up my website and […]


Preparing for Tomorrow

As I struggled out of my furry jacket at ladies Bible study, my bracelet caught inside my sleeve, snapped, and showered beads everywhere. Like my life snapped and flew apart when Warren died, kind people gathered around to comfort me. So several of the ladies scrambled to gather the beads as they bounced and rolled. […]


The Lost Check

I panicked! “Lord,” I prayed, “where did I put the signed blank check I held while I chatted and waited in line to mail this package?” I searched my purse a second time, and glanced at the floor around me. Nothing. Because it wasn’t my check I felt a weight of responsibility. After I mailed […]


The Blessing Jar

I emptied my quart-sized Blessing Jar one piece of paper at a time and read them. Happiness soared about me as I recalled each of the answered prayers and blessings. Here is a partial list of things that brought joy to me this year: My son and his wife came and stayed with us while […]



Christmas! The word brings excitement and happy thoughts, to most people. The sights, sounds, and smells are delightful. Add to that mix, family, shopping, and baking, and the occasion is hard to beat. Until a woman becomes a widow. Then the holiday can be a nightmare, overwhelming, and difficult to endure. Dear widow, please give […]


Face to Face

At a recent ladies’ conference, I met some pastor’s wives for the first time. However, I recognized some of their names because I had written them an invitation to bring their widows to our retreat. Now I had a face to match the name. When I am out and about, I enjoy seeing a familiar […]


A Heart Probe

The lights dimmed. The technician’s computer flashed a picture as the outside probe sent and received the sound waves from the inside of my mother’s heart At times I could see colors that showed the blood flowing through the valves, and I could even hear some sounds. I sat amazed. Amazed that our Omnipotent God […]