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About Joyce Webster

Joyce Webster loves to help widows move forward and transition from sadness to joy. She also encourages widows to grow beyond their self-focus and reach out and help others. She likes to share practical tips rather than philosophy, and helps missionaries with their projects.


I ran, pushed the stop on the washing machine, balanced the load, and when I started it again, it worked fine. When I became a widow, my life became unbalanced and I felt things spinning out of control because life progressed way too fast. Sometimes the same thing happens in my life now, eleven years […]


Blessing Others

Several ladies told my ninety-nine-year-old mother they were delighted to see her when we recently attended a banquet together. One widowed lady said, I am looking forward to your 100th birthday party. I am going to buy a new dress to wear to it!” I am sure their kind words encouraged my mom because it […]


For This Cause

After the funeral and things settle into a routine, one of the first things a widow asks is, “Why am I still here?” Each of us were created for a specific purpose. The Lord told the Egyptian Pharaoh his reason for living in Exodus 9:16. . . “for this cause have I raised thee up, […]


The Table

The unique, small, drop-leaf table, with inlaid tile and two white folding chairs drew me to it and seemed to say, I belong to you, take me home with you.  My husband agreed and we bought it that day in Japan. It has served me well for several years since he passed. Satan likes to […]


A New Name

At birth, my parents named me Joyce Dobbs. When I married, my last name changed to Webster to match my husband’s. When he died, I instantly received a new title—widow. I didn’t choose it, didn’t want it, but couldn’t refuse it. However, it sounded acidic. At first, I hated admitting that the title applied to […]



Every morning I wake up to a pretty tune on my phone. It makes me smile, starts my day in a peaceful way, and I love it. After doing exercises on my bed, I go to my favorite chair and have my devotions. Then, I get on the tread mill and enjoy my prayer time. […]


Do You Know God—or About Him?

  Recently a lady told her pastor that she thought she had been saved years before. However, when the Lord put her in a situation where none of her family was around; He began to work in her heart, and she realized she needed to be saved. Her family, and church friends then rejoiced with […]


No Complaining

        Some days I must agree with Numbers 21:4 b, . . . ”And the soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way.” I complained silently this winter because we had a record-breaking snow fall. I ended up not only using my small snow blower, but doing a lot […]


He Knows

  God’s foreknowledge amazes me. He told Peter he would deny Him three times before the cock crowed. Although He loved Christ, he denied Him before strangers. I wonder how deep the Lord’s look pierced Peter’s heart when he turned and looked at him? I bet it was a sad look, not one of accusation. […]


God Knows!

I dislike receiving a large, unexpected bill, knowing I must call the company and see if or what can be done about it. As a widow, do things like that bother you? It often over whelms me. What do I do? I put it in my bill file folder and start praying. Then I make […]