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About Joyce Webster

Joyce Webster loves to help widows move forward and transition from sadness to joy. She also encourages widows to grow beyond their self-focus and reach out and help others. She likes to share practical tips rather than philosophy, and helps missionaries with their projects.

God Knows!

I dislike receiving a large, unexpected bill, knowing I must call the company and see if or what can be done about it. As a widow, do things like that bother you? It often over whelms me. What do I do? I put it in my bill file folder and start praying. Then I make […]


He Knows Our Pain

  Her calm exterior cracked and gave way to her raging grief. She slumped, sighed, then sobbed. Have you felt that way? The pressures build and like a volcano, they explode. God knows your pain. Just as He did the Israelites in Exodus 2. He heard their cry in their intense bondage, and their groaning. […]



A sign on the wall in the audiologist’s office caught my eye because it mentioned hearing and balance. Balance is important to me, because I’ve struggled some with it. Since I had never been tested, and the man said he had time to see me after he finished with my mom, I agreed. I concentrated […]


A Ministry of Giving

If a couple served together in the Lord’s ministry, a widow might think after her husband dies, how can I serve the Lord now by myself? A few women when they become widows instantly become wealthy, which can be a blessing or a curse. It can be a ticket to gratifying self by shopping, or […]


Hands Up

Somedays I feel like Moses-not in the great leader of many people way, but in the I need help way. The hand’s up way, like Aaron and Hur did for Moses. They held his hands steady until the end of the day. Dear widow, do you ever feel that way? If only you could have […]


Cheer Up!

There have been times in my life when I wanted to say to someone—cheer up! When the weather man predicted snow for the next five days, and I couldn’t pull the ends of the power cord apart so I can use my small snow blower- I needed to cheer up! Because someone would eventually do […]


Pulling from the Past

Statesman John Jay, when asked about his retirement years said, “I have a long life to look back on, and an eternity to look forward to.” That is true for all older Christian women, widowed or not. As a veteran widow, I understand living in the present and pulling precious memories from the past. No […]



Two of the hardest things for me to accept, after my husband, Warren, died was the title people wanted to slap on me, widow, and the fact that I was one. I dare to say that most widows feel that way. Why don’t we want to be called a widow? Because our brain doesn’t wrap […]


The Scare

I heard Mom ring for me through the monitor in her room. I ran. I was amazed she could use the bell because she held tissue to her nose and said, “My nose is bleeding!” Since it was obvious her blood thinner was working, I applied a cold, wet cloth to her neck and grabbed […]


Have a Heart

“Ah, have a heart!” I’m sure you’ve heard that cliché. In Job 29:13, Job claimed he, “Caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy.” I thought about that claim and wondered what he did to be able to make such a statement. Did he: Forgive a widow a debt? Take her or her child to […]