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About Joyce Webster

Joyce Webster loves to help widows move forward and transition from sadness to joy. She also encourages widows to grow beyond their self-focus and reach out and help others. She likes to share practical tips rather than philosophy, and helps missionaries with their projects.


“Lord,” I prayed, “I need specific directions this morning so I can get my life on a schedule and stop feeling overwhelmed.” The task of going through my personal possessions, an accumulation of eleven-years of living in one house, felt enormous, in my opinion. The Lord seemed to impress me to work for short periods […]


Lessons Learned

        It started as a dream and ended in a lesson.        A boy came to me and said, “May I come into your class because a new person is going to teach mine, and I don’t know him.”        I woke myself up answering him out loud and philosophizing. I said:         “Why don’t […]



Crash! I jumped to my feet and hurried in the direction of the sound, afraid that I already knew what happened. There on the floor of my closet lay the 6 1/2-foot shelf on top of my clothes with the shelf contents spilled into my bedroom. As the eleven years piled up since my husband’s […]



My hibernating theory for peace and quietness had gone awry. Didn’t people realize that I wanted to be a “hermit for a day” No, they didn’t! When the doorbell rang, I trudged to answer it with less than a happy spirit. The Lord has a great sense of humor and He knew I didn’t want […]


Singing Deliberately

I have sung hymns since I was a child, and can rattle off some of them. How long has it been since you sang a song in church and consciously thought about and meant the words? When the congregation stands and sings a familiar hymn, I hope my mind doesn’t wander. I wish I could […]


Being Prepared

It dawned on me as I stood by my locked car in the parking lot of the doctor’s office, that if my widowed mom hadn’t been alive, her caregiver would not have been available to bring mom’s extra set of car keys to me. Have you ever gotten locked out of your home or car? […]


A Joy-Filled Life

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed as the cares of everyday life seem to drag the joy out of me, making me feel like a deflated balloon. It’s easy as a widow to let life’s processes block out the light allowing gloom to settle before I realize it. Then, I should immediately rebuke Satan and think and […]



The small sticky note grabbed my attention because I recognized my handwriting, but obviously I had written it a long time ago because I hadn’t seen it lately. The two short words on it puzzled me-car tags. Still wondering what it meant, I walked into the garage and glanced at my license plate. It  couldn’t […]


Encourage Yourself

I am thankful the Lord encourages me when I feel substandard, far from perfect, or that I’m falling behind the pack. For example, I feel that there are so many new things to learn to be able to navigate in the media world that I can’t keep up. Of course, we can’t know and implement […]


Living the Dream

“How are you doing?” I asked a volunteer in our church hallway as he worked at a menial task. His answer took me back. “I’m living the dream.” I hurried on to our ladies Bible study as I pondered his answer and later shared it with them because it delighted me. Do you suppose Joseph […]