A sign on the wall in the audiologist’s office caught my eye because it mentioned hearing and balance. Balance is important to me, because I’ve struggled some with it.

Since I had never been tested, and the man said he had time to see me after he finished with my mom, I agreed.

I concentrated on distinguishing soft sounds, and high and low tones.

After the testing, I learned my mild loss didn’t warrant a hearing aid, for which I praised the Lord! I was glad I took the test, but a bit disappointed that no questions were asked about balance.

Walking is the first kind of balance that I think about, but the second is as important, my schedule. I decide how much time I pray, read my Bible, how much and how often I eat, and how much time I spend on social media.

My devotional time can easily get out of whack if my routine changes and I stay up too late, or I travel or leave the house earlier than normal. When that happens, I try to make up for it later.

I enjoy the mornings that I don’t feel pressured or rushed and have time to read the Bible and study as much as I want.

Although physically I have had some balancing issues, I want my spiritual life to be well balanced.

Proverbs 16:11 says, “A just weight and balance are the LORD’S.”

Because He loves me and wants to spend time with me, I owe it to Him not to push Him aside, or leave Him out of my life, which is selfish of me.

Lord, Help me to spend more time in your Word and with You.