As soon as my friend left, I felt queasy. The minute my head touched the pillow, vertigo and nausea hit me. “Oh, no, Lord, Please help me, I am alone, and You promised to help widows.”

The verse, “Be still and know that I am God,” found in Psalm 46:10, popped into my head. I chose to lie in bed and do nothing, so that things would settle and not worsen. I felt vulnerable and realized how much I needed the Lord and other people.

I called a friend and asked her to take care of a duty for me, and then lay perfectly still.

Vertigo slowly subsided, but left me feeling insecure. Because of a recent eye surgery, I needed to put drops in it. I did so carefully without bending my neck back too far.

Although I felt weak, I knew I should eat but doubted I could walk without support. So, I gingerly went down the garage ramp, opened a walker, and used it to get back up the ramp. I paused at the top to reach a cane.

I sat in the kitchen and ate on the walker, then slept off and on all afternoon. I realized driving to church that night was out of the question, so I watched it live-streaming.

After church, a lady came and brought something I needed. Then she rolled my garbage can to the road, and put my yard bags beside it.

The Lord answered my prayers for help! I felt blessed!

The next day, the Lord gently revealed why I had gotten sick. I prayed, “Lord, please forgive me for my pride.”

Too much thinking about myself keeps me from being still and concentrating on the important One—the Lord.