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Good Grief-I Need Relief!

A Widow’s Guide to Recovering and Rejoicing


A Companion Journal to Good Grief-I Need Relief!

A Widow’s Guide to Recovering and Rejoicing

encourages widows to move forward in their grief

by following real-world-action ideas and examples.

Comments From Readers:


“The author’s candid expression of her journey will touch the heart of the reader. It will not only benefit many widows and church groups but will instill a greater compassion in those who have not yet faced this journey themselves. Scripture use is prominent throughout its pages and gives powerful guidance for each challenge. I feel this book and its companion journal will be a blessing to every reader.

Amazon Customer


I can’t wait to give this book to my mother-in-law since the Lord called my father-in-law to Heaven a year ago. I know it will minister to her heart and change her life.”

Tammie L.


“She challenges you to look inside yourself and share what has transpired in your own life. It is helpful as well for those who have friends who have lost a loved one, to give understanding and empathy as well as ways to help them. A must read.”

Linda T.


“This book gives insight to what a widow feels. It gives spiritual and practical guidance, hope and direction.”

Wanda B.


“What a practical and biblical book to help you process this new stage of your life.”

Amazon Customer


You can:

  • Untangle emotional cobwebs through journaling.
  • Enjoy scriptures that blessed and encouraged Joyce after her husband died suddenly in Japan of a massive heart attack.
  • Grow beyond your own self-focus and learn ways to reach out and help others.
  • Save time with some of the practical tips.
  • Learn ways to increase your income.
  • Leave a family legacy by answering questions crafted into each chapter of the book. The journal encourages further details of your husband’s and your life. Together they give a whole picture of both of your lives so that coming generations learn more than just seeing your names in a family ancestry book.


The book and journal are divided into four parts,

Part One: Looking Back

Part Two: Looking Around

Part Three: Looking Forward

Part Four: Looking Up

Some special info in the book includes:

  • Am I Going Crazy? (Chapter Two)
  • Comfort- How Other Widows Survived  (Chapter Three)
  • Loneliness-A Killer (Chapter 10)
  • Bible Verses that Refresh (Page 208)
  • Spiritual Warfare (Chapter 20)
  • Is There Life After Death? (Chapter 21)


The companion journal provides:

  • Room for you to write down more complete, expanded thoughts than the companion book.
  • Relief to let your emotions spill out onto these pages, to embrace your grief and move forward in life.
  • The source of reviewing your life.
  • Help to recall the depth of your husband’s love for you.
  • Confrontation with your inner feelings and the real you.
  • The ability to pass down your husband’s and your life’s stories to your future generations.


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