As I think back on this year, I remember that I have been blessed in so many ways. One was all four of my children came to see me. A wonderful way to end the year is found in Psalm 135:3, “Praise the LORD; for the LORD is good: sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant.”

If you kept a journal this year, then you can look back and thank the Lord for the many ways that He rescued you, blessed you, and gave you your heart’s desire.

Each year of our life holds something different for us. It not only brings us joy, but sorrow is intermingled with the good. Friends die or move away from us. Sometimes we are forced or need to move. But through it all, just as the verse says, God is good. He has planned our future. And everything that happens is perfect because He allowed it.

I recently said two small words, “But God . . .” to a friend and she totally agreed that no matter what our circumstances are, that little phrase is applicable. He can handle all situations in our life, good or bad.

That’s why we are encouraged to not only praise Him with our words but also with singing. Some of us aren’t soloists, including myself, but the verse says we are to praise His name because it is pleasant. It is sweet and delightful to Him.

As I face a New Year, I plan for it to be full of joy.

I want to delight the Lord by praising His name and singing. My God listens with His heart, so He won’t mind if I sing off-key.