No More Tears

How many times have you cried because your husband wasn’t sitting beside you, eating with you or taking care of your honey-to-do-list? Do you torture yourself with thoughts of your past married life? Tears seem to have a bonding effect. When we see someone crying, we want to soothe them with kind words or hugs […]


It’s So Hard to Move!

  “Talking about accepting change,” a dear lady said to me after I taught ladies Bible study, “You didn’t mention moving, but it’s so hard.” “Are you moving?” I asked. “Eventually, when our daughter builds their generational house, we will move in with them and sell ours. We’ll have an apartment and I’ll have to […]


Lies Widow’s Fall For

Have you succumbed to one of Satan’s lies recently? There are three that I think widows are susceptible to: First, he instills the thought “You’re all alone”- During the funeral we had sweet relatives, friends and neighbors who visited, brought food and called. But eventually they returned to their normal routine. Where does that leave […]