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Coming Enrichment Retreat

A  Widow’s Retreat

Living the Joy-Filled Life

 Save the Dates: June 28th & 29th, 2019

WHAT IS IT? A Spiritual Enrichment Retreat

FOR WHOM? Widows and Pastor’s Wives

WHERE? The Riverview Baptist Church in Pasco, Washington

SPECIAL SPEAKER? Karen Kalapp Toler from Indiana

Split sessions are planned to encourage widow’s in their difficult grief journey to see that they are loved and special. Growth is experienced when someone’s testimony resonates with their heart.
Pastor’s wives will learn tips about how to bless their widows and help meet their needs and what they can do to improve their outreach in their community to help those grieving.
Several extra things for everyone to enjoy are included in the plans this year such as an art class (optional), a special video on grief, door prizes, spirit-filled singing, great meals, sweet fellowship, and free time to shop or rest.


Widow's Retreat 2018

2018 Widow’s Zone Retreat

 Where will you be standing when we take our 2019 picture? What will you have learned from the speakers, special sessions and other widows? Whose life will you impact/change as a result?
To register online, please fill this form out here:
To pay online, click here: https://pushpay.com/g/riverviewbaptist?src=hpp
Please write “Widows Zone Retreat” and your name in the memo line

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