‎Have you ever wondered how you could delight the Lord? He is so holy and owns everything so what can we as a mere woman do that would bring Him pleasure?

Little boy praying with the Bible in handWhat does your child do that pleases you? Don’t you love it when they come with wonder on their face and say, “Look what I have for you!” And you stare at the dandelions they have picked with such love. It’s the sweetness and pureness of their intention that brings joy to us, isn’t it?

As they grow, hug you and say, “I love you, mommy!” It squeezes your heart, right?

When they call us after they have established their own home, Face time us or text, it is such a pleasure to hear from them and it makes us feel like we are close together.

I think that the Lord feels the same way. He loves to hear from us! He says so in Proverbs 15:8b, “The prayer of the upright is his delight.” He wants us to tell Him when we hurt, feel sad, disappointed or when we are so happy that our joy spills over.

When we talk to the Lord and then have a quiet time and listen for His still small voice, there becomes a oneness that is unlike anything on the earth.

Recently a missionary wife shared from her heart how difficult it was to live in another country and not be able to speak the language while her husband translated the Bible. She encouraged us to go to the Joshua Project.net website and pick out one of the 6,672 groups that still need the gospel and to pray fervently for them.

Ladies, do you want to delight the Lord? Then become His prayer partner!