I am thankful the Lord encourages me when I feel substandard, far from perfect, or that I’m falling behind the pack.

For example, I feel that there are so many new things to learn to be able to navigate in the media world that I can’t keep up. Of course, we can’t know and implement everything, but when someone tells me that I should do such and such so that I can have such and such results, my eyes cross. I have to do what?

How about you dear widow, do you feel that you just can’t keep up with the crowd who seems to have it all together? Whether it’s planning their vacation, organizing cupboards, maintaining perfect yards, or soul winning, they seem to be on top of everything and exude confidence.

As a widow, I need to encourage myself, especially if someone says they will do a certain thing, and they don’t, I feel let down.

When the people were ready to kill David in the Old Testament, he encouraged himself. 1 Samuel 30:6 says, “And David was greatly distressed…”  And with good reason. The people were going to stone him because their enemies had taken their families away. “But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.”

Another time, the Israelites strengthened themselves so they could continue their battle. Even King Josiah motivated the priests in their duties for the service of the house of the LORD.

Dear widowed friend, this week I plan to encourage myself physically and spiritually, and then look for someone else to encourage. When I do, it’ll not only please the Lord, but it’ll help me and them.