The small sticky note grabbed my attention because I recognized my handwriting, but obviously I had written it a long time ago because I hadn’t seen it lately. The two short words on it puzzled me-car tags. Still wondering what it meant, I walked into the garage and glanced at my license plate. It  couldn’t be! I had been driving illegally for five months and neither my friends nor the police had noticed?

As I prepared the paper work for my income tax, I found something interesting. I had sent my check at the appropriate time for the tags, but it had never cleared the bank, so they hadn’t sent them.

My on-top-of-everything friend commented, “If you had reconciled your bank statement you would have caught it.” Sigh. She’s right. My widowed friend hadn’t done hers before she was widowed either, but now she makes  a point of taking care of it on a regular basis.

Since I do alright in math, I have no reason to push aside the responsibility of taking care of my finances. Since it’s not something I did before I was widowed,  I don’t enjoy it, and find it a bit intimidating. However, I now check my account online so that Romans 12:11 won’t convict me. It says, “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.”

Dear widow, what is it that you push aside or struggle to find time to do? Have you let something expire so you can empathize with what I am saying?

I determine to be fervent in spirit and business because I serve the King of Kings!

Lord, please help me to do my best for Your glory.