Some days, things don’t go right for me.

For instance, the hardback book I ordered for a gift arrived with the cover damaged, but I had to give it anyway because there was no time for an exchange.

Another example is an App I downloaded didn’t work.

One day I tried three times to back up my website and they all failed. Although I received an email that tried to explain the issue, it didn’t make sense to me. Because I am a project motivated person, it frustrates me when I can’t get things done decently and in order as it says in 1 Corinthians 14:40.

Dear widow, am I the only one who has issues like this?

Do you find household chores difficult to handle due to health issues? Sometimes simply trying to put on socks, typing on the computer, or walking to the mailbox can be a strain. When pain is involved, rejoicing is difficult.

When pain persists, it is natural to let things slide and not put as much effort into housekeeping. One day we look around and realize that things aren’t in order. We might hope that no one comes to the door because we wouldn’t want them to see our disarray.

Some widows who live alone find it hard to work through issues without having someone with whom they can discuss their troubles. Doesn’t it make life happier when we can share our concerns with a friend? One who understands, and agrees with us? I am thankful the Lord is such a Friend when we are willing to turn to Him.

I am also glad that the Lord doesn’t demand that I have everything in order before He loves me.

However, in the New Year, I want to try harder to overcome obstacles, and–to keep things in order!