“Talking about accepting change,” a dear lady said to me after I taught ladies Bible study, “You didn’t mention moving, but it’s so hard.”

“Are you moving?” I asked.

“Eventually, when our daughter builds their generational house, we will move in with them and sell ours. We’ll have an apartment and I’ll have to get rid of my dishes and that’s so hard.”

Sad womanAs women, we put down roots, establish and enjoy our routine, and then disruption comes. It shakes our cozy nest and we have to leave and build another one.

It can be quite traumatic for women. Men don’t seem to struggle as much because they usually initiate it; so they take it in stride-they just want to put it behind them and get on with life.

It’s not that black and white for us because we might have to say goodbye to dear grandchildren or friends at church that we’ve known for years. It’s especially hard on women who aren’t outgoing.

We can use the Lord’s encouragement to Joshua, “I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and very courageous” (Joshua 1: 5-6).

Ladies, what has the Lord asked you to do that you’ve found difficult? Is your health making you leave your ancestral home? Are you moving into assisted living-or across the United States to live with your son or daughter? These moves always mean a loss of some sort of freedom.

Even when we know the Lord wants us to make a difficult move, “It’s hard.”

Someday the Lord might use us to say to another sister, “I know it’s hard for you; I went through it too.”