Some days I must agree with Numbers 21:4 b, . . . ”And the soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way.”

I complained silently this winter because we had a record-breaking snow fall. I ended up not only using my small snow blower, but doing a lot of heavy shoveling also. Since I sit at the computer a lot, I am sure the exercise invigorated my system and my brain.

A good question might be why aren’t I content with what the Lord has given me? Although the snow caused a lot of work for me, it nourished the soil, increased our water supply, and the cold killed unwanted bugs.

Even though the Israelite’s had won a great victory, they became discouraged and complained against both God and Moses.

They complained because God faithfully supplied their needs. Numbers 21:5 says they accused Moses of bringing them from Egypt to die in the Wilderness because they didn’t have bread or water, and they hated (loathed) the light bread. Strong words against God’s provisions for them for many years.

The Lord didn’t tolerate such foolishness and He sent fiery serpents to bite them, and many died. Then, they said, “We have sinned against God and you; pray unto the LORD to remove the serpents so we won’t die.”

God told Moses to make a fiery serpent of brass and put it on a pole so all who had been bitten and looked upon it lived.

It was a hard lesson for them to learn–that complaining can have disastrous consequences. The Israelite’s could have said thank you for keeping us from starving.

Instead of complaining about shoveling snow, I should have said thank you for the exercise and my snow blower.

Have I complained about anything lately, like my husbands’ death? Or have I said thank you for the years we enjoyed together instead?

Dear Lord, help me not to complain, but to practice gratitude.