Woman focusing camera

My hibernating theory for peace and quietness had gone awry. Didn’t people realize that I wanted to be a “Hermit for a day?” No, they didn’t! When the doorbell rang, I trudged to answer it with less than a happy spirit.

The Lord has a great sense of humor and He knew I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone, so He sent three sets of visitors that day. Although I knew all of them well and was pretty sure I was not entertaining “Angels unaware,” the verse in Hebrews 13:2 was good admonition.

It seemed the Lord wanted me to enlarge my vision and focus more on others, rather than my personal pain. Could that be the reason He sent them?

A widow in I Kings 17 learned a lesson from the Lord. She focused on dying because she had little food and her priority lay in feeding her son and then dying with him.

However, the Lord sent Elijah to her because he focused on living.

Elijah knew God would provide for them and said in vs. 13, & 14, “Fear not, your meal and oil will last until the day that the LORD sends rain upon the earth.” And that’s exactly what happened. The Lord supplied for them and her household for “many days.”

How happy the widow must have been when she refocused from dying to living.

What has the Lord brought into your life that you need to look beyond? What can we refocus on as widows? He has something special planned for each of us.