I watched as my brother’s small boat drifted further and further from the larger boat where it had been briefly moored. As the waves carried the small boat away from safety, I prayed that its aimless drifting wouldn’t cause it to end up on some rocks, damage another boat, or someone’s dock.

My brother waved for me to come to him. I walked to the dock as he cupped his hands and shouted, “I might need you to help me.”

I yelled, “Ok!”

“Wait while I try one more thing,” he called.

I waited.

He cut something off the larger boat, started the engine, turned around, and retrieved the little boat. He then maneuvered it to a safe harbor where it would stay securely tied through the winter.

We as widow’s, unlike the small boat, can return to our safe harbor, the Lord, when we drift away. Whether it’s not feeling like going to church, reading our Bible, or praying, the Lord encourages us in Matthew 11:28 to “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Have you noticed a widow drifting aimlessly from church? A change in routine can do it. The longer she stays away, the harder it is for her to come back. I believe the Lord wants us as widows, to watch out for one another.

Just as the little boat needed rescuing, the Lord wants us to go after widow’s who are drifting, to help restore them to being anchored in Him. To encourage them so they again have a purpose in life and, can become a rescuer also.

Ladies, have you rescued someone lately?