Streatching a Widow's Faith

I got it the moment my cousin said, “Hello, I just want to let you know that my mom missed her bus connection, and she wondered if you’d come pick her up.”

I tried not to panic because I knew the Lord planned to stretch my comfort zone. I accepted the Lord’s challenge and told Him, “I can do this-with your help!” He encouraged me with Philippines 4:13, that He would give me the strength I needed. He wanted to prove to me that I didn‘t have to rely on anyone except Him. I understood.

My cousin had no idea that I had never driven by myself more than 45 minutes from my town, and the one she mentioned happened to be about a two-hour drive-if I didn’t mess up.

Four hours total!

Questions filled my mind. How could I manage to stay awake? Who could I get to stay with my mom?

The Lord impressed me to call a widow who said, ” Yes, I can do that.”

I gathered a few snacks, checked the hi-way number, and realized my unfinished to-do list could wait.

After gassing the car, I called a friend to pray for me, then reassured my cousin that I was on my way.

The beauty of God’s creation, the snacks, and the freshness of the trip kept me energized as I repeated, “I can do this!” “I can do this!”

When I arrived safely, I was glad to see my Aunt who apologized to me several times. I said, “It is a beautiful day, and I know the Lord wanted to stretch my faith, so it’s no problem.”

We both learned a lesson that day. She learned she needed to activate her cell phone, and I learned I could drive by myself more than 45 minutes.

Ladies, in what area are you agreeing to let the Lord stretch you?