I empty my Blessing Jar at the end of each year and read the slips of paper. Somethings they bring a second blessing because I remember the way the Lord answered my prayer or even fulfilled it before I asked.

Isaiah 65:24 tells us, “Before you call, I will answer; and while you are yet speaking, I will hear.”

One slip told me that the Lord touched a relative’s heart to send me some money. It paid the lady who stayed with my mom while I attended a Bible conference.

Some other blessings included:

  • Someone I invited came to church.
  • The Lord touched a couple of editor’s hearts to publish some of my articles.
  • He also took care of my large medical bill by having the Doctor’s office resubmit the corrected paperwork.
  • A widower sent me free copies of his booklet for our widow’s retreat which we hold every year on the last Friday and Saturday of June.
  • A widowed friend needed a room temporarily and I had one available. After she moved in, we enjoyed talking, eating, attending church, and watching Christian movies together.
  • Someone messaged me and asked for a copy of my book for a widowed teacher. I gladly sent Good Grief— I Need Relief! A Widow’s Guide to Recovering and Rejoicing.

If you have a widowed friend who would enjoy reading this book, I can be contacted at joycewebster08@gmail.com.

Dear widowed friend, have you kept track of the way the Lord blessed you last year? If not, why not set up your Blessing Jar? It will pleasantly surprise you when you empty it.