My Blessing Jar

I emptied my quart-sized Blessing Jar one piece of paper at a time and read them. Happiness soared about me as I recalled each of the answered prayers and blessings.

Here is a partial list of things that brought joy to me this year:

  • My son and his wife came and stayed with us while I had surgery.
  • My brother surprised us by returning from out of the country and spending Thanksgiving with us.
  • An editor accepted one of my articles.
  • A widowed friend and I spent time relaxing together at a Lake.
  • Our widow’s retreat attendance increased.
  • Hearing from a listener in another state who wondered why my devotional radio broadcast hadn’t been airing lately. That information allowed me to contact the station manager and have it reinstated.
  • The Lord allowed a friend and me to share a table at a woman’s conference where I met some new widows.
  • The Lord stretched my faith as He showed me, I could drive a couple of hours out of town by myself.

Life is an adventure filled with a kaleidoscope of beauty, joy, sadness, surprises, and many choices. How well we react to the things the Lord allows into our lives develops the character He is building in us.

I just want to have a thankful heart whether the Lord allows something that I consider a joy and I can put in my blessing jar or whether it is not.

Deuteronomy 26:11 tells us to “Rejoice in every good thing which the Lord my God hath given unto me.”

Dear widowed friend, have you set up your blessing jar yet? It will bring you joy as you fill it, and joy again when you read it at the end of the year!