Dead end sign

My friend and I exited the State Park and turned right to continue our sightseeing in the mountains. As we enjoyed the trees with their bright, fall colors, we rounded a curve and were startled to see a sign that read “End of the road!”

Why did this road end when God gave men wisdom to make roads over a mountain, around or to tunnel through them? Because a remote wilderness lay ahead and only a couple of communities existed in the whole area and they were accessible only by foot, boat, or plane.

Every day we widow’s face some unique challenges. We must decide which road we will or will not take. Should we stay in our home, take someone in to help with the expenses, or perhaps move away and live with one of our children? Etc. When we allow the Lord to lead us, we make correct choices.

Later, as I recalled the “End of the Road” sign, I realized that the words were true for each of us. The good news is, the “End of our earthly Road” is only the beginning of our eternal one. That makes it imperative to prepare for the trip.

How? By answering the question, “ Where will I spend eternity?” With child-like faith as a ten-year-old, I settled that by asking the Lord to forgive my sins and to be my Savior. He came into my heart that day, and He has been a faithful guide who has never left me.

How about you, dear widow? Have you done the same? Romans 10:13 clearly says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Yes, Choosing the way to Heaven will give us peace and happiness at “The End of the Road.”