I heard Mom ring for me through the monitor in her room. I ran. I was amazed she could use the bell because she held tissue to her nose and said, “My nose is bleeding!” Since it was obvious her blood thinner was working, I applied a cold, wet cloth to her neck and grabbed some wet wipes to clean her up.

Although we tried various things, she continued to bleed.

I prayed.

After helping her back into bed, I called the doctor’s office. The receptionist conferred with a doctor on call who advised, “Take her to the ER, they have the right tools to help her.”

I protested! Mom is 99, and hated the ER wait time. But she just repeated the doctor’s advice.

I made two quick phone calls asking friends to pray also. I conferred again with Mom, who agreed to go to the ER since, “Something has to be done to stop the blood.” I hurried to dress.

After about 25 minutes of fear, the blood flow slowly stopped, and Mom fell asleep for a couple of hours.

How blessed we are in times of distress to have the assurance in Hebrews 13:5 “He will never leave us nor forsake us.”

I was shaken, but grateful.

As a widow, have you ever experienced a time when you were alone and had a physical problem? How and what did you do? Somehow it worked out, right? Maybe you thought of someone who could come and help you. Or perhaps the Lord impressed you how to resolve whatever it was by yourself.

When the Lord allows unexpected things to happen in our lives, we can rely on the fact that He is with us—in and through our fears.