The unique, small, drop-leaf table, with inlaid tile and two white folding chairs drew me to it and seemed to say, I belong to you, take me home with you.

 My husband agreed and we bought it that day in Japan. It has served me well for several years since he passed.

Satan likes to make me question if the Lord will supply food for my special table. But the Bible tells me that if I stand up to him, he will flee.

As a widow, Satan, the father of lies, loves to torment us by saying, just because He met your past needs doesn’t mean He will do it again. Yes, it does!

The Lord met my needs yesterday, last week, last month and last year, why wouldn’t He do the same today? He will! I have never gone hungry since I became a widow.

Through the years,  “My God shall supply all your need” has proven true for me.

After the Israelites saw miracles, they questioned in Psalm 78:19, “. . . Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”

Although David fled for his life more than once, he said in Psalm 23:5 that the “Lord prepared a table for him before his enemies.    “ He helped the Israelites and David in the wilderness!

The most important table in my home is the table of my heart. The Lord tells us we are neither to forget His commandments nor forsake mercy and truth, but we are to keep them in the “table of our heart” (Proverbs 3:3).

The goal of my life is to love Him with all my heart, and share it with other ladies, especially widows.