Unsolicited, nonessential interruptions waste my time.

I received an email that said, “Update on your requested change in service results in your bill being…” Although I had gone on their website the day before and made a small modification to my service, I didn’t see charges listed for doing it.

So, at seven a.m. after dialing and listening to music for a short while, a woman asked me to verify my identity, then we chatted. Her answer to my question, ‘”What did I do to receive this bill?”‘ was ‘”It was an internal update for your service.”‘

For a couple of days, their email made me uneasy. I waited on the phone to speak to a representative and then they say, in essence, that it was nothing? What a waste of my time!

A second case involved online banking. My account showed a transaction pending for over 30 days. I called and the lady who kindly checked into it for me took so long that my banking webpage timed out, and I had to sign in again.

It seems their internal attempts didn’t work. Although a simple fix on my part solved the problem, never-the-less, it all took time out of my day. A waste!

The third thing happened with our security system. The display read that I needed a new battery and it beeped about three times a day to remind me. I bought the battery, but since I didn’t know exactly where and how to install it, I called them. We decided together that she could turn off the beeps and my other smoke detectors would cover the issue.

Ephesians 5:16 tells us “Redeeming the time for the days are evil.”

I try to use my uninterrupted time wisely each day by jotting down a list to remind me to stay focused on the projects I need to complete.

How about you, dear widow? Are you redeeming or wasting your time?