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Widows, are you ready to move forward in your grief journey?

Could you use some help? I would love to help you!

Widowhood overwhelmed me and turned my tranquil world upside down in 2008.  Joyce Webster's picture

Although I had been a pastor’s wife for several years, I don’t want you, my widowed friend, to think that I had nothing but smooth sailing. Some days I felt perky as sunshine, and other days I felt like hail had pelted me from low hanging thunderclouds.

As life’s routines drug me along, my former life gradually blurred and I could see no profit in wanting or  pretending I was still living in Tokyo, Japan and ministering with my husband, Warren, to the US military.

I sorely missed him and the fulfillment of being in the ministry full-time. (Yes, I know all the arguments about that statement.)

But eventually my misery/grief turned into joy at the prospect of the new life the Lord had planned for me. Acceptance followed by forgiveness of those who had made my heart bitter without me realizing it. Yes, forgiveness became the key that unlocked my cold heart.

The Rejoice with Joyce site is designed to encourage widows.

Tips that helped me on my grief journey:

  • I found solace in God’s Word during my devotions.
  • I jotted down verses that brought peace to my soul in my journals.
  • I gained release from pent up emotions as I knelt,  prayed, and cried each day before I left for work.
  • I listened to other widows stories and learned from them.
  • My life took on new meaning when I started looking around to see who needed help and I reached out to them.

My journal jottings became the foundation for my books, Good Grief-I Need Relief!: A Widow’s Guide to Recovering and Rejoicing and The Good Grief-I Need Relief! Companion Journal.

Helps on this site include:

  • A weekly devotional (Hard copy of my radio broadcast )
  • Books
  • Freebies
  • Widow’s Zone  which includes practical and scriptural guidance from Joyce’s life experiences and other widows.
  • A link to a private Face Book widows group entitled, The Widow’s Zone. Join now to interact with other widows going through their grief journey so we can share and encourage each other.

 Joyce’s personal and ministry goals include helping missions projects around the world through her non-profit company, Rejoicing with Joyce International.


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